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Stay Fashionable Even in a Winter Coat

It’s nearly winter, and that means hats and gloves, chunky snow boots and heavy coats, all designed to keep the warmth in and the snow out. How does a girl stay fashionable under all those layers? Staying warm doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion—and here’s how to do it.

Robe Coat: Belts aren’t just for bathrobes anymore. This winter, coats are sporting cinches at the waist. Tie it tight or leave it loose—the choice is yours, and either way, you’ll look fabulous.

Duster Coat: This floor-length coat is so versatile, yet so elegant, no matter what’s underneath it. Wear it one day with your most casual of outfits, and then wear it again to a special occasion like a cocktail party or wedding. It’s most stunning in black.

Bright Coat: Who says winter gear needs to be drab and dull like the sky often is? Pick a hue in a bright red, green or blue, and even if you haven’t seen the sun in days, your coat is bound to not only enhance your mood but also that of others around you.

Sleeveless Coat: Want the length but hate that bulked-up feeling from your sweater underneath? Or maybe you just want to show off your cute new cable sweater. Either way, a sleeveless coat is the perfect option here. It’s also great for warmer days or if you live in a warmer climate.

Pea Coat: The pea coat has long been a staple of closets, but it can still be fashionable. This double-breasted style is reminiscent of nautical designs, with its wide lapels and boxy cut. Its shorter length gives it a more casual feel, so pair it with jeans or even something dressier, as long as it’s not a floor-grazing skirt.

Of course, once you arrive at your destination and take off your coat, make sure you’re just as trendy underneath, with a chic outfit and a manicure to match. And at least if warmer weather takes its sweet time arriving, with such a fashionable coat, you won’t mind as much when those first snowflakes of the season fall.

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